Yoshihiro Higa (-74kg) Squats 9.5kg/21lb Above World Record

Yoshihiro Higa performed a successful 2925 kg/6449 pound squat at the Japanese Powerlifting Association (JPA) Okinawa Prefecture Powerlifting Champion– a complete 9.5 kg/21 lb above the IPF world record in the -74 kg weight class. The lift is also 10 kg/22 pound above Higa’s previous personal finest.

The current squat world record is 283 kg/6239 lb was held by Taylor Atwood of the United States from his efficiency at the 2019 International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) World Classic Powerlifting Championships (WCPC) in Helsingborg, Sweden. Atwood won that event.

The 28- year-old Higa’s bodyweight was officially 73.7 kg and the lift was just 2kg/4.4 lb shy of being four times his bodyweight.

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