Watch Shelby Sullivan Squat 402 lbs At 19 Years Old

Shelby Sullivan is a 19-year-old powerlifter from California who competes in the -72kg weight class. She started her competitive powerlifting career in 2017 at the age of 16 with a first place finish in the Teen 2 division at the United States Powerlifting (USAPL) Brand X Method Teen Junior Championship. Her total at that event was 265kg/584lb — an entire 77.5kg/171lb more than the runner-up.

Contrast that with her most recent appearance at the USAPL Blueprint Collegiate Classic this past January. She claimed the gold in the Teen 3 division hitting these stats:

  • Squat — 170kg/375lb
  • Bench Press — 75kg/165lb — competition best
  • Deadlift — 162.5kg/358lb — competition best
  • Total — 407.5kg/898lb — competition best

The only lift Sullivan did not perform a competition PR for at that event was the squat.

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