Watch Powerlifter Andrew Hause Squat 456.3-Kilograms (1,006-Pounds) With Insane Speed

Powerlifter Andrew Hause possesses world-class strength. The 23-year-old took to his Instagram on May 24, 2021, to share a video wherein he squats a titanic 456.3 kilograms (1,006 pounds) raw with wraps, with jaw-dropping speed barefoot at a bodyweight of 132.5 kilograms (292.1 pounds). Breaking the 453.6-kilogram (1,000-pound) milestone is an incredible feat of strength on its own, but this lift was heavy enough that had he performed it in competition it would have been the third heaviest squat ever in the 140-kilogram weight class. For reference here are three current heaviest squats, according to Open Powerlifting:

Heaviest Squats — 140-Kilogram Class

  1. James Searcy — 480 kilograms (1,058.2 pounds),

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