Taylor Atwood Hits Jaw-Dropping Training PR With a 770-Pound/349-kilogram Deadlift

Somebody should hand Taylor Atwood a chill pill because he can’t seem to slow down. Last week, on Oct. 18, 2020, Atwood totaled 11-times his body weight at 163 pounds and set three new American records at the 38th Annual USA Powerlifting Florida State Championships. Epic, right? Apparently, it wasn’t enough of an accomplishment for Atwood, who, just five days later, pulled 770 pounds (349 kilograms) or 65 more pounds than his freshly minted American deadlift record. The lift was done in a gym with a pair of lifting straps.





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770lb/349.2kg…Some will say fake weights… #TheStrengthGuys #SBDApparel #BetterThanYesterday

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