Strongman Luke Richardson Beltless Deadlifts 320kg/705lb for 10 Reps

Luke Richardson of Great Britain has actually made the nickname “The Future” and for good factor. At just 21 years, he ended up being the youngest powerlifter to ever overall 1000 kg/2,204 pound in the 120 kg weight class at the European Powerlifting Federation (EPF) 2018 Junior Men’s Traditional British Championships. Given that his powerlifting debut in 2016, Richardson has completed 8 meets and has won gold in 7 of them

In 2019, he moved far from powerlifting competitions to train for strongman instead; a shift that makes sense for a guy of his age who can already deadlift 400 kg/882 pound Or pull 365 kg/805 lb triples Or deadlift 320 kg/705 lb for ten straight associates beltless.

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