Powerlifter Rachel Torres Deadlifts 34.7 Kilograms Over Junior World Record In Training

At 23 years old, powerlifter Rachel Torres competes in the 75-kilogram  (165-pound) weight class and just trounced a Junior world record (JWR) deadlift in training. The two-time all-time world record holder pulled a milestone 272.2-kilogram (600-pound) deadlift in a sumo stance on March 3, 2021. That is a full 34.7 kilograms (76.4 pounds) over the current raw JWR of 237.5 kilograms (523.6 pounds) scored by Kristen Best at the 2016 Canadian Powerlifting Federation (CPF) Pro Nationals, according to Open Powerlifting.

The caveat, of course, is that Torres wore lifting straps and did not disclose her current bodyweight at the time of the lift,

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