Powerlifter Nora Langdon Crushes 159-Kilogram (350.5-Pound) Squat at Age 78

Nora Langdon is an amazingly strong 78- year-old powerlifter. According to Open Powerlifting, Langdon has actually been contending since 2007, primarily in the 90- kg weight class, but sometimes in the 82.5- kg weight class. She holds 19 world records— you check out that properly– throughout 2 different weight classes.

Recently, she was shot squatting159- kilogram (3505- pound) squat in training wearing a lifting fit, wraps, and a belt Though outstanding, this squat is far from what Langdon can. For reference, here are her competitors best single-ply lifts:

  • Squat–1875 kilograms (4134 pounds)
  • Bench Press–925 kgs (2039 pounds)
  • Deadlift–1675 kgs (3693 pounds)
  • Overall–445 kgs (9811 pounds)

Take a look at Langdon’s 159- kilogram (3505- pound) squat listed below courtesy of Powerlifting Legends’

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