Powerlifter Dan Bell Becomes the First Man to Total Over 1,179 Kilograms (2,600 Pounds) Raw With Wraps

Less than three months after Petr Petras took the all-time world record raw total with wraps from Dan Bell, Bell reclaimed the record in monumental fashion at the Hybrid Showdown 3 in Miami, FL on Feb. 21, 2021. Bell totaled 1,182.5 kilograms (2,607 pounds). He is the first lifter ever to achieve this total in the Raw With Wraps category.  

Bell came in at 396 pounds (180 kilograms), which placed him in the over 140-kilogram category. He opened his day by breezing through three easy back squats. The first was for 465 kilograms (1,025 pounds),

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