Powerlifter Brian Carroll Squats All-Time World Record 592.3 Kilograms Equipped

Brian Carroll has become the first person (to our knowledge) to ever squat over 1,300 pounds. On October 3rd, the 39-year-old Carroll competed in the Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate (RPS) Gene Rychlak Jr. Pro Invitational in the -140kg weight class. On his fourth attempt, squatting in a multi-ply suit and knee wraps, he hit a new all-time world record (ATWR) squat of 592.3 kilograms (1,306 pounds).

The ATWR squat in a multi-ply suit and knee wraps coming into the event was a 580 kilograms (1,278.68 pounds) lift by Nathan Bapist from the United Powerlifting Association (UPA) Utah Kick Off Meet on January,

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