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Julius Maddox Performs 400 Reps of the Bench Press in One Workout

Julius Maddox is on a mission to be the first guy to bench press 800 pounds raw and as of this writing, he...

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Brian Shaw Wants to Bench 701 Pounds

While many people are waiting to be able to return to their gyms to train, they can turn to YouTube for inspiration or entertainment....

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Chris Duffin Squats 1,001 Pounds for Three Reps

If you listen to the BarBend Podcast (readily available on your podcast source of choice), then you may have heard the episode with ...

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Best Home Gym Squat Racks

There are a lot of options for at home gym squat racks on the market to fit garages, basements, or other rooms in your...

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Julius Maddox Bench Presses a PR 765 Pounds (Raw)!

Julius Maddox has made it clear that he is currently on his own personal road to an 800 pound raw bench press. On February...

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