Julius Maddox Misses 800 Pound Raw Bench Press Record

Ever since the word went out that Julius Maddox had set the goal of being the first man to bench press 800 pounds raw, the eyes of the powerlifting world had been on him every step and rep of the way. Those steps and reps led up to the final destination of East Race Muscle Gym in South Bend, Indiana on June 20, 2020. However, while he still holds the world record in the raw bench press, it is not 800 pounds.

Maddox’s shot at history was the headline of an event called “Beasts of the Bench” — the latest in the World’s Ultimate Strongman (WUS) “Feats of Strength” series which has covered various records including Hafthor Bjornsson’s 501kg (1,104 pounds) deadlift and most recently Rob Kearney’s American Log Press record.

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