Jonathan Cayco Bench Presses 38.6lb Over World Record at -93kg

At the 2019 USA Powerlifting (USAPL) Raw Nationals, Jonathan Cayco ended up being the champ of the -93 kg weight class with an 8685 kg/1,9147 lb overall— an American record, an unofficial world record, and 23.5 kg/518 lb more than the runner-up. At that exact same event, he bench pressed 231 kg/5092 lb on his 3rd attempt to set a brand-new American record— his very first two attempts were successful at 215 kg/474 lb and 225 kg/496 pound.

As outstanding as that was, it pales in contrast to his current finest gym overall of 914.5 kg/2,016 pound that he simply hit the other day,

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