Jon “Jujimufu” Call to Compete In the Arnold Classic Amateur Bodybuilding Show

Jon Call, aka Jujimufu, rocked the powerlifting platform this past February. Now, the self-described “anabolic acrobat” is shifting gears and trading his singlet for posing trunks. Call confirmed on September 14th that he’s competing in the 2021 Arnold Classic Amateur, which occurs on March 6th in Columbus, Ohio. What isn’t clear is which division Call plans to enter.

Call hinted at competing in a bodybuilding show back in July. He posted a video of himself hitting a series of poses, with the caption: “Physique check-in, 229 pounds and dieting down. Lowered calories gradually from a maintenance amount of 4,500 per day to 3,500 per day over the past 5 weeks.

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