Heather Connor Deadlifts a Huge 185kg/407 lbs to Round Out Big Total

If there’s one thing for certain, it’s that -47kg elite powerlifter Heather Connor’s lifting never disappoints. Over the last few days, Connor has been sharing top singles from her latest training block and her last session features a monstrous deadlift that gives her a world record seeking total.

In her latest training video, she smokes a 185kg/407 lb deadlift, which gave her a 400kg training total. This total was comprised of a 77.5kg bench press and 137.5kg squat all performed at a bodyweight of 45kg/101 lbs.

For context, this is a significant total because it tops Connor’s current American record by 2.5kg and is only 7.5kg shy of the current IPF world record that is held by powerlifting legend Chen Wei-Ling.

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