Hayden Willis Deadlifts Gigantic 350kg/771lb At 19 Years Old

We need to discuss the apparent trend of specifically 19-year-old powerlifters who are capable of deadlifting obscenely heavy weight. “Obscenely” in this case means at least 317.5kg/700lb.

Recently, we covered 19-year-old Dylan Crawford (-93kg) who decided he would casually pull 329kg/725lb because “[he] could and [he] felt like it.” 19-year-old Shane Nutt (-83kg) has shown time and time again that he too can deadlift over 317.5kg/700lb. Enahoro Asein, also 19 years old, pulled nearly four times his bodyweight when he deadlifted 325kg/716lb. Ashton Rouska, a powerlifter who at,

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