Elite Powerlifter Jen Thompson Explains Her Diet

The name Jen Thompson has actually become synonymous with a strong bench press.

Today it’s her squat that enhances the top of the IPF’s records page and this -132 pound athlete is really skilled at all of the big three: for a time she had the IPF’s -63 kg total world record with 486 kilos, or 1,0714 pounds. That’s weighing about 63 kilos (138 pounds) and she pulled it off in her mid-40 s.

But her bench press.

Her bench press is prodigious

Here are some of the records she holds:

  • -63 kg IPF World Record Bench Press: 1425 kg(3141 lb)
  • -63 kg IPF Bench Press Just World Record Bench Press: 144 kg(3175 pound)
  • -63 kg U.S.

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