Check Out Russel Orhii Deadlift a 733lb Calibrated Plate PR

Is there anyone as dominant in a division as Russel Orhii is in the -83kg weight class? Perhaps it is debatable on the premise that Orhii is very early in his competitive powerlifting career.

After all, he only debuted at 20 years old in 2015 at the USA Powerlifting (USAPL) Raw Collegiate Cup (which he won). But a deeper dive into the numbers reveals a pretty compelling case to put all bets on Orhii in any competition he appears in.

And his latest lift further supports that idea. Here is a video below of Orhii deadlifting a colossal 332.5kg/733lb using calibrated plates for a personal best via his Instagram page:

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733lbs/332.5kg for a calibrated plate PR!

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