Alan Thrall: Where Can Powerlifting & Strongman Grow?

Alan Thrall is an accomplished strength coach and the owner of Untamed Strength. Alan has coached thousands of athletes over the course of his career, and his YouTube channels has amassed more than 85 million views, helping countless athletes get stronger in and out of the gym.

In this episode of the BarBend Podcast, guest host Jake Boly talks to Alan about his growth in strength coaching, how he accidentally built a massive YouTube channel, and much much more. 

  • Alan Thrall’s origin story and start in the world of strength & conditioning (2: 00)
  • How and if the Marine Corps helped Alan take the leap of faith to opening his own gym (4: 30)
  • What actually gave Alan the confidence to start his own gym and grow his business (6: 15)
  • Finding the value in doing things throughout life that you don’t like to find what you love (9: 25)
  • Lessons learned the hard way and what went smoothly when Alan opened Untamed Strength (10: 15)
  • Where Alan went after he dialed in on his target population (14: 20)
  • What drew Alan to building his massive YouTube channel (18: 46)
  • Did Alan predict how much his channel would grow over time?

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