Lifting heavy and challenging your body does not mean you have to look manly or risk your feminity. Be empowered by the strength your body CAN have and enjoy your workouts!

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powerlifting transformation

Your Fitness Should Be Fun!

What better way to work out than to challenge yourself and continue to get stronger every time you enter the gym! 

Lillian Day Powerlifting

Join Our Powerlifting Community

We all start somewhere... join this growing community to get help, support and encouragement!

Powerlifting 101

Master the Squat, Bench and Deadlift

Accessory Exercises

Strenghten your body in all different ways to maximize your fitness goals. 

Connecting With Other Lifters

See what other ladies are lifting and watch as they challenge themselves each day to become stronger. 


Powerlifting doesn't mean you have to compete but if you want to, get tips and tricks to prepare you for competition day!

Powerlifting Gear

Assisted or un-assisted lifting you still have a lot of lifting options. 


Powerlifting 101

Before powerlifting I was out of shape and hadn't really exercised at all since graduating high school. To top it off, I was a very inexperienced weight lifter. Occasionally I would pick up a couple 5 or 10-pound dumbbells, nothing heavier. My transformation to become a powerlifter is fully documented in the easy to follow manual. 

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Powerlifting 101

Lifting heavy is about form first and weight second... learn how to lift without hurting yourself while gaining strength. 

Squat Fitness Routine


Check out our squat forum and learn tips and tricks to lifting heavy in the squat. 

Female Bench Press Routine

Bench Press

Benching and building that upper body strength is not simply lifting heavy but lifting with skill. 

Deadlift Workout Routine


The finisher... check out sumo and straight leg deadlifts and how they are both beneficial to your strength training. 

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