Featured Powerlifter Of The Month

Januray 2012: Taylar Stallings

Taylar Stallings Female Powerlifter, Raw DrugfreeTaylar was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee and raised in Augusta, Ga. Taylar moved to Tampa, FL to attend the University of South Florida on a track and field scholarship. During her collegiate career, Taylar achieved numerous All Conference USA, All Big East, and All East Region honors. She reached the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Track and Field Championships her junior and senior year in which she ranked 26th and 13th in the country, respectively.

Taylar left USF ranked in the top three of All Time at USF in 4 events (outdoor shot put, indoor shot put, discus, hammer throw) and top 5 of All Time in 1 (weight throw).

Upon graduation, Taylar became involved in her first real powerlifting competition in which she took home best lifter award in the female division and this was followed by numerous other best lifter awards. With only have been in the sport of powerlifting for 3 years Taylar holds 6 world records across 3 different weight classes as a raw lifter. Her personal best numbers include a 462lb squat, a 264lb bench, and a 525lb deadlift with a best combined total of 1245lbs at 181lb weight class.

Currently, she competes in the 165lb weight class and is 20lb away from tying her 181lb overall total. All these numbers being raw numbers. Taylar's future goals includes to continue to become stronger and set more records and to stay powerlifting for a long time while remaining a strong advocate of being a drug free lifter.

Taylar currently spends her time being the strength and conditioning coach for the University of South Florida's track and field team and she is the owner and operator of her own personal training/sports conditioning business TaylarMade Fitness in which she takes her passion and knowledge and educate people about living a healthy lifestyle while promoting strength and wellness.

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