Featured Powerlifter Of The Month

November 2011: Becky McCully

November Female Powerlifter Of The Month: Becky McCullyBecky McCully is a 36 year old competitive athlete. At 5‘8” 170 pounds she competes as a RAW powerlifter in the APA & USPA. Her love for powerlifting came by chance.  She grew up as a cowgirl, riding all her life and still continues to ride and compete in team roping.  In late 2006 she suffered a tremendous fall. Bleeding on the brain, a seizure and a broken tailbone left her couch ridden with vertigo for quite some time. Unable to exercise Becky gained 4 pants sizes in less than 2 years, which left her depressed and in a downward spiral. In January 2009 Becky McCully decided that it was time to take control of her life again, and her first step was to join a gym. She chose a local gym “Powerfit Personal Training” to work with a with a Personal Trainer for accountability and it didn’t take long before Becky fell in love with the squat.

In early 2010 her horse had an injury, giving Becky more time to hit the gym with intensity. Trainer Todd Gilchrist commented one day about her natural strength and asked if she had ever considered powerlifting. Having never heard of the sport, Becky did some research and decided it would be a good personal challenge. Her goal was to drop down to a specific weight class which required losing 15lbs of body weight and adding almost 100lbs to her lifting total.  

Powerlifting training began in June 2010 for a November competition. Her personal goal was to lift a combined total of 600lbs in the 165lb weight class.  As the training progressed, she realized more and more how much she enjoyed the feeling of empowerment that comes with lifting. The adrenaline rush after a good workout or a new personal record was like no other. 

Four weeks before her first competition, Becky suffered a serious ankle sprain.  Doctor’s orders were to stay off of it for 2-3 weeks.  Being a competitive athlete Becky knew that wasn’t an option to be successful at her first competition. Thankfully, her trainer Todd’s ingenuity designed a program where she could still keep building strength while staying off the ankle as much as possible. She was determined to reach for the stars, no matter what obstacles came her way.  

For Becky’s first competition, while battling against an injury, she Iifted a total of 585lbs raw while setting a new submaster record for all three lifts and combined total in her weight division in the APA. She had such a tremendous amount of fun and made so many new friends in the sport.  She was amazed to discover, although she was “competing” against others, everyone was so helpful and supportive. Becky found out this sport is really about competing with ourselves, our minds and of course gravity!

This year’s training focus has been on perfecting form while adding weight to all of her lifts. In May, 2011 she had a 655lb total and September she had 688lb total.  Her goal is for a 725lb total in November of 2011. Her program is laid out, she is focused, and her nutrition is spot on.  Becky is excited to see the results, but moreover she is enjoying the journey as well!

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